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Income Execution

Civil Enforcement Bureau

360 Yaphank Avenue

Yaphank, NY 11980

(631) 852-5623


An income execution is a legal order that requires you or your employer to pay a portion of your gross wages for taxes you owe.

What to expect:

  • You are required to make the first payment within 20 days of receiving the notice.

  • By law, wage deductions can't exceed ten percent: (10%) of gross income, or twenty five percent (25%) of disposable earnings.

  • You must make payments each time you get paid, whether that's weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.

  • If you don't pay the required amount, your employer must deduct the money from your wages.

How to remove an income execution:

  • Pay the bill in full.

Wage Garnishment.jpg

For more information on income execution and wage garnishments, please visit the New York State website. 

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