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Community Advisory Board

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Suffolk County Sheriff Dr. Errol D. Toulon, Jr. is seeking additional interested Suffolk County residents to join the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Community Advisory Board. All interested residents must submit letters of inquiry and resumes to be considered for Board Membership. The Community Advisory Board meets monthly to give residents an opportunity to meet regularly via Zoom with the Sheriff and his staff, discuss topics of interest and concern, be a conduit for information to local communities, and provide input on Sheriff’s initiatives and policies relating to the Office and its relationship with the general public. The Board consists of members from across Suffolk County.

“Ultimately, I want the public to have more opportunities to interact with the law enforcement community, and to have a direct line of communication,” said Sheriff Toulon. He added, “Last year I brought together a diverse group of people to discuss issues, learn about the Sheriff’s Office, and share ideas, and as a result, we launched our first satellite START Resource Center location.  I look forward to adding some new voices to this Board and continually seeking public input to best meet the needs of the people we serve.” The Board consists of members from across Suffolk County.

Anyone interested in serving on the Board is encouraged to send a letter of inquiry and resume directly to Sheriff Toulon at Letters and resumes are due by September 5, 2021.

Include in your letter of inquiry:

- Why do you want to serve on the Community Advisory Board?

- In what town do you live?

- In what community groups are you involved?

- Please include your resume and any other relevant information.


Prospective members must be Suffolk County residents and 18 and older. 


Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Community Advisory Board has been meeting monthly via Zoom. In-person meetings will be scheduled once COVID-19 restrictions are eased.